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The objectives of this area are to promote Mexican culture, the Spanish language, gastronomy and traditions, as well as cultural production about Mexico in the United States.

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Promoting Mexican culture, Spanish language, gastronomy and traditions.

Jardin MX

This program is tied to our new Mexican Cultural Garden in the Cleveland Cultural Gardens and will promote the arts and culture of Mexico through cultural events, exhibitions and diplomatic participation with other cultural gardens represented in Cleveland.

Alebrijes Workshop

This program promotes a Mexican folkloric art form through beginning workshops, master classes, exhibitions and installations.

Exchange Mx

This program creates exchanges between artists from Mexico and Cleveland through virtual and physical residencies, conferences, and other dialogues.

Jardín Mx

What are the objectives of the Mexican Garden?

To develop and strengthen international relationships from Mexico with other countries.

To unify and integrate the Mexican Community in Ohio.

To educate International Community in Ohio about Mexican Geography, History, Culture, Art and Traditions

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Donations for the Mexican Garden

If you would like to contribute with the Comite Mexicano de Cleveland and make a donation you can do it here.

10.00 $

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Andrea Villalon

Director of Art & Culture

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Cleveland, OH

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